Ricardo is a guitarist with a fine tuned ear and aficion for traditional flamenco sound.
He brings the different palos of flamenco to life with beauty and passion.
Alegrias, Bulerias, Solea, Seguiryas, etc. Each one different from the other he embraces the variety of moods flamenco has to offer and carves out raw emotion from the strings of the guitar.

Ricardo's early local inspiration was Sabicas, Carlos Montoya and Benito Palacios who would play in Tuxedo at Rogeaux & Noir Coffeehouse in Seal Beach to where he would ride his bicycle to see him perform. His first teachers were Henry Bescanceau and Jamie Griffo before he took a brake from Flamenco to pursue a successful career as a professional ballet dancer.

Ricardo, performed as a classical soloist on the international stage in the US, Canada and Europe, where with many visits to Spain he returned his focus to Flamenco guitar.
Hearing the toque of Diego del Gastor changed his flamenco style profoundly: he adds it's disarming, direct sound to his love for accompaniment of baile & cante.

Ricardo has developed a style of his own that is undeniably steeped in flamenco tradition and captures it's unique sound: duende.